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Refugee polaroids

Dignity in limbo - Artist Statement


Refugees from all over the world went through hell and back. Typically, refugees and the conflicts that caused them to depart their homes are in the news for a short period of time.   However, once settled in a refugee camp, which is supposed to be temporary, a new ordeal commences.  Refugees learn quickly, that their lives are now in limbo. They live in constant state of duality.  They are simultaneously living and dying, going back home and re-settling at other camps, longing for a better future, and hurting from the atrocities of the past, hopeful and hopeless.

In this work, I explore this duality of life in refugee settlements. In them, refugees have precarious safety, very basic access to health care, food and water, with little to no prospect of improving in the future, while at the same time, retaining their dignity.  I use simple techniques to make portraits of refugees, highlighting their personalities. The dual state of their existence was explored by the use of long exposures as well as sequential images.

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